Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  1. How can I earn money with

    You can sell your designs to be applied on any product on our marketplace for users, you can create your store FOR FREE, and have a full admin options to manage your store and your earnings.

  2. Do I have to sign for an exclusive agreement with Ze to be a designer or to sell my products?

    Not at all! We do not require an exclusive agreement, you can sell with us at the same time you are selling on other places, just create your store and start selling.

  3. I am a producer, print shop: Can I sell my products and services through Ze marketplace?

    Sure, our marketplace is aimed to allow collaborating and shared-economy. You can sell your products and services through Ze of you fulfill these requirements: - Having a customizable product: your product has to has at least one customizable feature - High quality: we do not sell low quality products, and you have to do so for selling with us - The least minimum order: the whole concept of our business is made-to-order, we sell by order, or the less possible quantity

  4. I received my order, but I did not like it, can I return it back?

    According to our Return Policy, we assure you 100% satisfaction. You can return any product does not match your placed order or has a defect from our side. We cannot return a product just because you did not like it, we’ve made just for you!

  5. Can I order bigger quantity than the quantities in the marketplace?

    Sure, for quantities and business inquiries please contact us on or 920009578